Having wanted to be an artist since childhood, Aamina has been taking photos, forming her artistic style and following other artists progression continuously. She currently attends Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts, in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography with a minor in Art History.

As a multimedia artist and director of DCODE, she makes work which incorporates her other interests, in Graphic Design, Coding and Bookmaking- currently 3d printing as well. She sells prints and other items featuring her work on Society6 along with sharing her creative compositions on Instagram.

PRESSED TOGETHER — 2019 inaugural 2-month submission show at SAS studios juried by Chino Amobi Shockoe Artspace | Richmond, Va
OPEN NITE — 2019 Departmental showcase Pollak Building | Richmond, Va
SPE UNDERGRAD JURIED SHOW — 2019 Call: Double Sided curated by Maggie Flanigan of Page Bond regional (southeast) conference programming The Anderson | Richmond, Va
OPEN NITE — 2018 Departmental showcase Pollak Building | Richmond, Va
LOW INK — 2018 Group show named for a shared experience The Anderson | Richmond, Va
B.A.S.E.'S AFROFUTURISM — 2018 Group show The Anderson | Richmond, Va
OPEN NITE — 2017 Departmental showcase Pollak Building | Richmond, Va
B.A.S.E.'S TWICE AS HARD — 2017 Group show The Anderson | Richmond, Va

BLACK HISTORY IN THE MAKING — 2019 Awarded by VCU Department of African American Studies
SCHOLASTIC'S GOLD KEY — 2016 A photographic entry titled, 'Overlapping Grids'

DCODE Exhibition Catalog — 2020 printed catalog for virtual gallery space including Translations show info and AI collaborative writings
SUBJECT ID 111 — 2019 collected imagery and composed text following a filed surveillance narrative
WORLD ON FIRE — 2019 collaborative publication, in response to Carmen Winant’s Fire on World exhibition at the Anderson Gallery
SCREENSHOT — 2019 collected images and text, a how-to commentary
DECODE: CALIBRATED — 2019 packed flipbooks, part of Decode installation
FENCED IN — 2019 flag book made from silver gelatin prints, *flag book sound*
HAVE A NICE DAY — 2019 scroll/accordion book made from tshirt bags, housed in bag holder- ongoing
ACROSS SPACE — 2018 human pickup sticks in their first play
THANK YOU — 2018 love song for the tshirt bags, part of TY installation
LAND GRAB — 2018 family ties pulled taut by land disputes
PROTECTING THE NATION — 2018 a view of alienation in your own nation
ON LOCATION — 2018 poetry driven portraits in color
HAVE YOU SEEN ME? — 2017 details "hidden in plain sight"

Pressed Together Artist Profiles, January 2020
Afrovisualism Artist Feature, September 2019
Platonic Cave, Humankind0026 Artist Feature, January 2019
Silver Stork Magazine: Issue I, Contributor, Summer 2018

PHOTOGRAPHY — 99.9% snapping shots daily
(WEB) DESIGN/CODING — 72% making sites, making sights
BOOKMAKING — 68% sequencing, printing, and binding

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An artist working with digital eyes.


view my → instagram


view my → instagram