how we're made: I am a combination of many feet of wire, conductors, custom colored and printed PVC insulation, and two heads- usually one 'male' and one 'female'.

how to wrap me: Using the over- under method of wrapping allows my curves to move more naturally. You can make this work by holding my wrapped ends in one hand facing away from you and guiding the other towards it. While guiding the free end, you should rotate you wrist holding me up 180 degrees for each loop. Being wrapped like this let's me be stress free.

how to wrap me (cont.): After using the over-under method, secure me with a velcro strap. Even better, if it fits over one of my ends so it doesn't get lost. I also like spools, buckets. and reels.


EXT x111

I come in a variety of colors, lengths, and designs. I can be used to extend the reach of your electonics, and am the best friend of studio technicians and shop workers. This page will tell you how I am made, how to care for me, and where I live. Read along to learn more.


where we live: you can find me in homes, classrooms, construction sites, restaurants, in alleys, on location shoots, and just hanging around.


I'm a great friend to have around and am always up to the task. Just be careful with wrapping me and to not bend my prongs.